The ASD Choir was founded in November 2008 at the Department of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan University, where it is based and rehearses. The ensemble consists of an eccentric group of amateurs and professionals from different backgrounds – teachers, students, architects, musicians, designers, typographers, artists, researchers – who all share a passion for singing and a curiosity in experiment.

The choir works on a broad repertoire that includes traditional choral works as well as contemporary music and challenging work that explores uncharted territory in music and performance. It works with composers and artists who create work for the ensemble and collaborates with music labels and organizations on events and lectures.

Based in an academic environment, the choir actively pursues ways to create a platform where people can meet with new ideas and a forum for discussion. Being part of a school of architectural studies means that it works in a specific context. The question, although not exclusively, of how sound, music and space interact is central to the choir’s work.

The choir was founded by Joseph Kohlmaier, who its director and also a member of the ensemble, and is conducted by Cathy Heller Jones, a professional singer and musician. Find out more about the ensemble, up-coming events and more information on how to join the choir.