The Ensemble

Cathy Heller-Jones, Conductor
As a singer with London Voices, Cathy Heller-Jones has performed and recorded a vast repertoire of music working with the world’s leading conductors and composers including Steve Reich, Kaija Saariaho, John Adams, and Howard Shore and John Williams with whom she has recorded all the soundtracks for the Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings film soundtracks.
Born in New York City where she attended the renowned FAME school, she went on to Boston University where she gained her BMus. That was followed by postgraduate study on the Performers Course at the Guildhall School of Music.
A full time musician working as a singer, conductor and singing teacher, Cathy is also the Director of Music of the Hertfordshire County Youth Choir and The Liberal Jewish Synagogue. She teaches singing at St. Albans Girls High School and Sir John Lawes School in Harpenden.

Joseph Kohlmaier, Director
Joseph Kohlmaier founded the ASD Choir in November 2008 and is a member of the ensemble. He is a senior lecturer in the history and theory of architecture at the ASD.

Members of the ensemble

Je Ahn
Je studies at London Met, is a director of design company Studio Weave, and is married to Maria.

Natalia Alonso
Natalia Alonso was born in Bilbao, Spain. She studied architecture and interior architecture at London Metropolitan University. She currently works in an architecture and urban design practice , with whom she taught a postgraduate unit in architecture in 07/08. Before architecture, Natalia worked in various creative fields, including: managing The  Llamas Art Gallery in Spain, teaching dance and self-expression workshops to different age groups, a fashion model, and a professional ballet dancer for 11 years at the The Euskadi Ballet in Spain, the Royal Ballet school and the Conservatoire Superior National de Paris.

Sam Belinfante
Sam Belinfante (b.1983) is an artist living and working in London. In his projects he endeavours to bridge the gap between the visual and the audible. This is most evident in his graphic scores where drawings offer an interface between a performance and its direction. Whilst recently completing his Masters at the Slade Belinfante has shown both nationally and internationally – including group shows in Stoltzestrasse 11 Frankfurt, TactileBOSCH Cardiff and Tate Britain for Late at Tate.

Sam Carter

Colin Davies
Colin Davies is Professor of Architectural Theory at London Metropolitan University. His teaching and research interests include social and technical subjects such as popular housing and prefabrication as well as history and theory. He has written several books including ‘High Tech Architecture’, ‘The Prefabricated Home’ and ‘Key Houses of the Twentieth Century’.

Kat Davis

Gemma Drake

Lettice Drake

Malaz Elgemiabby
Malaz is an architecture student at the London Met.

Tim Fischer
Tim Fisher was born in Wales. He is an architecture student at the London Met.

Rebecca Hotopf

Rachel Howarth

Mima Kearns
Mima has studied and worked in art, art history and architecture. She has been in school and church choirs.

Bonnie Kirkwood
Bonnie Kirkwood is a textile designer, specialising in woven textiles. With an interest in architecture; her designs, research and photography often have a direct and indirect relationship to building constructions, structures, materials and scale. Currently Bonnie is working for an Interior textile design company as a textile designer and product development assistant. Studying music until finishing school; instrumental performances and singing in choirs has always been and remains to be an important interest.

Rachel Moses
Rachel Moses runs Design-Nation, a not for profit organization now part of London Metropolitan University, that promotes the excellence of British craft and design and provides start-up advice to young designers.  She has an MA in Design and Media Arts and a BA in International History and Politics, is generally interested in most things and particularly in singing.

Helen Muggeridge
Helen Muggeridge works for a refugee charity. She enjoys singing and swimming. Shoko Mugikura
Shoko was born in Japan. She gained a masters in typography from the university of Reading and works with Joseph at Polimkeanos.

Toby O’Connor
Toby grew up enjoying singing in Wales. He now lives in London studying Architecture at London Met.

Francesca Pont
Francesca works as an Achitect and  is a Diploma Unit Tutor at London Met

Maria Smith
Maria studies and works at London Met, is a director of design company Studio Weave, and is married to Je.